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Online presence

In current digital world your online presence is directly affecting your business growth. When I say online presence it’s not just about website, how good is your website or how unique is your content. It’s more about your presence in Google search results. If you are not on first page it is as good as you are not present no one search on second page.  Digital marketing services give you full plan to achieve this position.

For doing this Google set some rules and algorithms which need to follow while doing SEO work on your website. But some time people break this rule knowingly or unknowingly then Google punish that site.

Online Presence

What is a Google penalty?

“In a simple way you can define Google penalty is a bad impression on your website’s rankings because of any Google algorithms updates or any review about your site. In some case Google gives you penalty because of black-hat SEO.”

 Google keeps changing or updating its ranking algorithms frequently to improve its ranking, trying to making it very genuine. Like when Google add toolbar extension which made ranking more useful. Google is doing this for improving his search results quality. Google penalty is the by-product of this process.

What is Google Penalty

Google introduce SEO to give more accurate result for users quarry not for spamming content. So when you are performing SEO of your website, you are increasing its quality which ultimately gives your website a better rank position.

There are so many tactics for doing this, like relevant and proper Meta tags, unique and informative content, clean and clear backend coding, quality and related backlinks, minimum page loading time. Its time consuming process but it come under white hat SEO. While as black hat SEO definitely comes under Google penalty.

How does Google punish?

First upon no one is safe. Even if you are a giant organisation or a small scale start up, Google will treat equally.  Penalty sometimes automatic or some time its manual too. If it’s manual you may get notice but if it related to algorithm it’s a surprise for you!

Few points to check if you penalties because of algorithm then results are like sudden drop of your site for well going keywords. In extreme cases your entire site removes from search engine. Or some pages of your sites not doing well. If you see this result then it’s pretty sure Google penalties your site.

Google penalty effect

Why Has Google Penalized website?

There are various reasons behind Google penalty. Google is continually working on website indexing. Factors for Google penalty

Why google punish

  • Black hat SEO
  • Buying backlinks
  • Duplicate content
  • Overusing H1 tags
  • Internal 404s
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Missing sitemap data
  • Broken external links
  • Scraped content
  • Hidden content
  • Slow speeds
  • Over-optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Links to suspicious sites
  • Too many outbound links
  • Error codes


How to Deal With a Google Penalty?

First stay calm and just try to find out why Google penalised you? Just by understanding the exact cause you cross the 50%path, after this try to fix the problem. But unfortunately every penalty needs different solution. But still there are certain things you can try like disavow bad link. Tell Google not to index this links.

In manual penalty if you got any notice then just ask them for reassessment. Most importantly don’t panic and wait give some time to Google for working on your request?

Things you need to avoid Google penalty

  • Stop manipulation
  • Over optimisation
  • Bad back linking

If you see sudden drop of your website ranking, or sale and you don’t understand why then take help of experts.


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