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5 things you NEED in content writing in 2018!

2018 is the year where digital marketing services will be more centric towards the content. We have already seen this in 2017. One of the best way to engage our audience is by feeding the best content to the clients. So, we have come up with the five things that you would not like to miss before building up the strategy for the content you would put up there.

Use of segments in Google Analytics

Analytics was the most important trend in 2017 and will persist in 2018 too. Although for few of them, it may not seem very useful source of data, but as you will start digging, you will find plenty of information to get your hands on. Segments feature in Google Analytics is one such concept to which most of the marketers are unaware. It is used for segmenting the common characteristics like content viewed, traffic source, action taken, location/geography, age group of people viewing the content with time and date, and many more.

Google Analytics

The data provided through this is the excellence combination of quality and quantity. These data are further used in making the more specific decisions while planning the next strategy for content writing.

Make sure that you definitely have the look on it and don’t miss out on this tool.

Video Marketing

Video makes it easier

Video uploads is considered as one of the best key to engage the audience. Video has the strong potential to evoke tough emotions hence increasing the chances of being shared. Hence it becomes very essential part for better SEO Ranking. Video is always better than any other type of content. In the fight for reputation, Live Videos is always at the first position. Unedited videos with live streaming are always preferred by the viewers to maintain its authenticity.

The latest trend in the market are the videos showing virtual reality (VR). It captivates the user providing the better engagement than ever. Many marketers are the still doubtful in using the VR, which is clearly one of the most powerful tools.

There are many content strategies available, but still the video content is playing the important role in today’s market.


Symbiotic relations with the influencers

There are many big influencers which have become the go-to-option for most marketers in digital marketing.  In one of such well known influencer list, there is the name of Karashians and they are the one who have impact on one’s business. It is not possible for everyone to hire such expensive influencers, but one can approach many online influencers that have niche audience meeting the needs of all shapes and size businesses.

Digital Marketing Company can use many resources available in market like Tap Influence to get access to such influencers.

Closer look at the competitor’s strategy

Deeper study of your competitor’s strategy or those who are successful enough, can help you to lead in the market. You can frame many different questions like best city bike in your area, or the best car. You can identify the areas where you can find the grow up and find out the missing areas too. Adding various parameters like lists and guide rules along with the year and appropriate title will surely help you to reach to your max. You can also consider about the google target keywords adding it up with the related keywords in the search box.


Checking it with the available tools like “Tools to Use” section is definitely the better guideline to get ranking in the SEO list.


The term TF-IDF is an abbreviation of “term frequency — inverse document frequency.” The two parts are the two separate metrics used to calculate the importance of the word on the given website. Here, TF (term frequency) defines the no of repetitions of any word in the specified document whereas IDF (inverse document frequency) defines the repetitions of the given word in the larger document. This shows us the weightage to be given to the words of high and low weightage.


You can use tools like “Web Site Auditor” which are easily available in the market.


To wrap up

In order to excel in today’s digital world and to get visibility across various industries and geographies, you should follow the top content writing trends of 2018. While developing any content, make sure to keep these points in mind and enhance the value of your content.

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