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Now a day mobile is become our necessary like food, cloths, and shelter. As a result of rapid growth in mobile users mobile browsing is now gone dominate desktop browsing. Surveys say “In October of 2016, mobile usage crossed the halfway mark, accounting for 52% of web traffic.” That’s why importance of mobile SEO or responsive site is increasing day by day. Even Google and Facebook both are taking this factor as main point for ranking or giving preference for advertising.

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is the method of confirming that users of your site from any mobile can able to view your site properly.

People are spending more and more time on their mobile, tablets but still so many businesses ignoring this fact and not designing as per different size of mobile. The desktop version of a website sometimes very difficult to view properly or cannot use it on a mobile. Responsive version of website is more readable easy to use on mobile too. Responsive site and mobile SEO are not same, even after making your site responsive you need optimize your site for mobile by doing certain changes.

Mobile SEO:

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is the practice of website designing to make it appropriate for mobile view. Need to take some extra efforts while you design your website. Because of hardware and internet network issues, page speed is more important for mobile users. If your website is optimized for desktop search engines, then there are only some additional points you need to for your mobile SEO. Responsive website need to have following qualities.

Design for mobile:

Select a Mobile Configuration for good mobile friendly design. Mobile devices are make things easier and modernizing the ways sites are designed.

Technical changes:

You have to do some changes in coding accordingly like just don't hide CSS, JavaScript. Previously some mobile devices were not supporting this but now Smart phone are very friendly with this so no need to hide them. Use structured data

No Flash:

The plugin not available on your some mobiles and therefore some users can miss this feature. Instead you can use HTML5 for special effects.


Uses of pop-ups are great on desktop but it’s really frustrating on mobile, because it’s very difficult to close it.

Navigation button size:

Make all button size in proper not too big or too small as most of smart phone are touch screen. Make it in a way that users can easily work with their finger.

Meta Tags:

Be as specific as possible while doing Meta tags (but don’t compromise with quality of content0 because you are working with small screen size.


If you have any local business or services then take some extra efforts while making content for mobile site, So that you can get rank on SERP on mobile also.

Select site configuration:

This is most important factor regarding selecting site configuration when you doing your website settings. All of these have their advantages

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Dynamic Serving
  • Separate URLs

Mobile Landing page:

While doing PPC properly designed landing page gives you more success. For mobile landing page you can do simple trick, view your landing page on a desktop and then shrink the size as per various mobile sizes.

Benefits of mobile SEO:

  • The Home Page of a mobile-friendly website plays the most vital role in improve user experience. So, good responsive site make sure the most important links are viewed on the Home Page. So customer can easily view your whole site and get the information what they want.
  • One more important point in mobile friendly site has to be lightweight so that it won’t take more bandwidth and time to load site or pages on mobile networks.
  • The content and buttons on mobile website can readable and easy to navigate.


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