Social Media Impact

“The speed of social media impact on our life is increased like hell!”

The best example of this is the development of an increase in the use of mobile technology which ultimately accelerates the impact of social media. There is the various way of finding the impact of social media for example if you are talking about online presence then mobile is the most dominating device. Mobile and social media combination is the perfect source to connect with anyone anytime across the globe. Why social media presence is increasing in our life bellow are a few points to explain this.

People love to share information

Major reason behind increasing social media uses is human psychology; people love to share their thoughts, information.  As per survey held in New York proved that people love to share information on social media. Information is including educational, valuable, or most of the time it’s entertaining. Human psychology says people tend to share for various reasons, like express themselves, connect to people, nourish relations.

Humans are social animal!

Humans tend to live in social rather than isolated. More than 50% population is using Facebook or any other kind of social platform. Thanks to internet now people can connect to people, who share same thoughts, interest. Social media gives you option to put your view and also you can hear others.

Business on Social Media

Social media gives a huge platform to small scale business or startups to compete with big brands.  Beauty of social media is it serves equally to everyone, gives you equal opportunity no matter if you are small startup or big brand. Organizations understands the true value of social media platform to generates leads, engagement, branding or just create a buzz of your product.

Effect of social media on worldwide work

Social media is a great place to connect with perfect people for hiring and vice versa, you can say its a great place to find an opportunity. More than 50% of organizations use social networking sites to find a perfect candidate.

There is also a black side also for example sometimes social media kills reality. Social media is a big platform to make people aware of any social issue but the question remains same whether this process really making any change to society or its just for the sake of discussion?


Social media is also a major part of the current digital era. Various social media channels are playing important role in keeping people connected.

Social media changed business offline to online. A business owner who updates themselves with current trends gives them benefits of this. Best things about this are social media tricks are not complicated, impact these tricks are very simple yet effective.

Social media increases your reach to your prospective customers and with some tricks, you can increase their engagement. The only drawback of this is, these tricks are constantly changing you need to keep yourself updated.


Here are few social media tricks:

  1. Promote positive customer feedback

Now a day’s customer feedback is playing the very important role in business. Thanks to social media people able to share their thoughts or feedback easily. More than 30% of comments on Facebook are the compliment! But unfortunately, because of overpopulated place, these comments hide under new post or comment so chances are there new people may skip this comment.

Fortuitously, there are few tricks or way out for highlighting positive fan comments on your timeline. For that just read the following tips:

  • First go to
  • Then click on post by others. (on the left hand side)
  • Click pencil icon of the post you would like to show.
  • Make it allowed on the page.
  1. Edit and make your Google post presentable.

You can change font like make it bold/italic/or both with the help of * - sign. This is simple trick to make your content stand out.

  1. Keep your eye on Instagram account

Follow currents trends with the help of # also follow your competitors post and their comments. This is mostly useful for product-based business such as food or garments. Also, keep photo your offline business place and attached it with your google map which help your clients to reach.

  1. Make your twitter account your brand

Online crowd is increasing constantly; it’s become very difficult day by day to stand out with your competition.

  1. Linked in will help you to hire perfect candidates.

Among all social platforms LinkedIn is more effective for professional hiring or finding great opportunities.

Other social media networks like Pinterest/slide share/tumbler are not much known in layman but very effective among the professional like digital marketer.

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