6 Things you can do to improve your CTR

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate also known as CTR, is one of the most common term used in the world of Digital Marketing. Anyone who has been the master chef of marketing has to go through this word.  CTR can be considered as the calculation of how many people have clicked on your link which is shared by you. It can be in any form (emails, web pages, ads or social media). The campaign created by you is the measurement affecting your bottom line as all your work is justified as it results in the number of visitors visiting your landing page henceforth generating leads for you.

Say… even after creating the most effective content in the world, if no one clicks on it, it’s like guests without the hosts!!!!

Now, here the question arises, why the people are not clicking on the content written by you? There may be several number of reasons behind this. We will discuss some of the points that you should consider.

Use of descriptive URLs

SEO and other related activities are closely associated with long tail keyword phrase. They are always recommended as it is the first thing that viewers preview – the enthralling way to attract clicks. While putting up the blog posts and web pages, categorizing them is very important to improve CTRs.

You can confirm all your working schemas…

One should keep on analyzing the pages at regular intervals after pushing each code to verify if the schema is properly working. You can also confirm on the Google Search Console to confirm at a glance if everything is working properly. Click Search Rate can be updated so keep on checking that nothing has changed.

Analyzing the top- performing pages

All pages on the website shows different performance. Some pages keep on getting unexpected high traffic while some keep on struggling for the visitors to visit them. To know the reason why this lacking behind of pages is occurred, compare those pages against the winning pages. Those that are at the top most positions enjoying the high CTRs can be used effectively in analyzing the poor performance of the other pages.

One of the best way is to replicate the wins is ensuring by comparing the similar sets of pages - winning blog posts versus the blog posts, service pages against the other service pages and product pages and other product pages. This will help you in increasing your Click Through Rates by converting your losers into the winners.

Crafting Fascinating Titles and Meta Descriptions

Keyword is an important factor affecting the ranking of the page. But stuffing it in the content is surely of no use. Title and Meta Description is used to describe about the content and let the users know about the content helping them to know what to expect when they will hit the given link. Strategy of making the use of these more effectively is still used to improve the CTRs. 65- 70 characters are used to write the title while approximately 160 characters are used to write an effective meta description.

Inserting Images within the posts.

Pictures are the best options to increase the CTRs. Images are worth 1000s of words and hence observed to be increasing engagement across all social media channels, emails and ads. In a survey, it is observed that 90% of the marketers respond to the images as their 50% of the visual content. Users surfing on the internet has the general tendency of clicking on the image or a video despite of reading the whole content. So, including the original videos and visual images in the web pages is always a better option for the blogs and articles.

Use of Prevailing Call-to-Action

Call-To-Action (CTA) is one of the way to redirect the audience towards your website. It can be either done in the direct or an elusive way as per your marketing strategy and according to your past experience. But the intention of let users filling the form or purchasing the product remains the same. CTA is largely beneficial in account of increasing the CTRs. Clicks can be increased by 371% just by addition of one CTA.

To take your CTAs to the next level, try A/B testing to get a better idea of how your readers respond. This will help you improve your page linking, and thus, increase your CTR.

It is very difficult to state any one definition for the successful CTA. It’s like the garden for compelling CTA including various plants. To get started with, you can go through these 2 tips.

  1. Large and legible texts to draw the attention of the targeted audience.
  2. Use of urgency words like “Download today” or “Act Now” to quickly drive the reader towards the web page.

Try A/B testing to get the better idea to check how the readers will respond. It will help you to increase your page linking and henceforth increasing your CTR.

CTR is the only grail of the campaign in Digital Marketing. Improving it can improve the overall traffic and ultimately increase in the conversions.

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