Mobile SEO

Now a day mobile is become our necessary like food, cloths, and shelter. As a result of rapid growth in mobile users mobile browsing is now gone dominate desktop browsing. Surveys say “In October of 2016, mobile usage crossed the halfway mark, accounting for 52% of web traffic.” That’s why importance of mobile SEO or responsive site is increasing day by day. Even Google and Facebook both are taking this factor as main point for ranking or giving preference for advertising.

What is Mobile Optimization?

Mobile optimization is the method of confirming that users of your site from any mobile can able to view your site properly.

People are spending more and more time on their mobile, tablets but still so many businesses ignoring this fact and not designing as per different size of mobile. The desktop version of a website sometimes very difficult to view properly or cannot use it on a mobile. Responsive version of website is more readable easy to use on mobile too. Responsive site and mobile SEO are not same, even after making your site responsive you need optimize your site for mobile by doing certain changes.

Mobile SEO:

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is the practice of website designing to make it appropriate for mobile view. Need to take some extra efforts while you design your website. Because of hardware and internet network issues, page speed is more important for mobile users. If your website is optimized for desktop search engines, then there are only some additional points you need to for your mobile SEO. Responsive website need to have following qualities.

Design for mobile:

Select a Mobile Configuration for good mobile friendly design. Mobile devices are make things easier and modernizing the ways sites are designed.

Technical changes:

You have to do some changes in coding accordingly like just don't hide CSS, JavaScript. Previously some mobile devices were not supporting this but now Smart phone are very friendly with this so no need to hide them. Use structured data

No Flash:

The plugin not available on your some mobiles and therefore some users can miss this feature. Instead you can use HTML5 for special effects.


Uses of pop-ups are great on desktop but it’s really frustrating on mobile, because it’s very difficult to close it.

Navigation button size:

Make all button size in proper not too big or too small as most of smart phone are touch screen. Make it in a way that users can easily work with their finger.

Meta Tags:

Be as specific as possible while doing Meta tags (but don’t compromise with quality of content0 because you are working with small screen size.


If you have any local business or services then take some extra efforts while making content for mobile site, So that you can get rank on SERP on mobile also.

Select site configuration:

This is most important factor regarding selecting site configuration when you doing your website settings. All of these have their advantages

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Dynamic Serving
  • Separate URLs

Mobile Landing page:

While doing PPC properly designed landing page gives you more success. For mobile landing page you can do simple trick, view your landing page on a desktop and then shrink the size as per various mobile sizes.

Benefits of mobile SEO:

  • The Home Page of a mobile-friendly website plays the most vital role in improve user experience. So, good responsive site make sure the most important links are viewed on the Home Page. So customer can easily view your whole site and get the information what they want.
  • One more important point in mobile friendly site has to be lightweight so that it won’t take more bandwidth and time to load site or pages on mobile networks.
  • The content and buttons on mobile website can readable and easy to navigate.


Amazing Plugins For WordPress Website


Yoast is one of the best plugin for beginners as well as digital marketing experts to do SEO. Yoast covers almost all factors for SEO.  Yoast will help you with onpage activity as well as off page activity, you can create XML sitemaps, edit .htaccess and robots.txt, integrate with social media, manage RSS and breadcrumbs. In short yoast plugin is full package for SEO.

Yoast is one of the most used plugin because it’s very simple and user friendly yet very effective. Yoast has everything which you need for SEO. It allows adding Meta title, meta description, meta tags/keywords on each and every page.

List of yoast feature is very long. Yoast take care of all SEO factors

All in One SEO Pack

All in one seo pack is also best wordpress plugin for seo. As name says it’s an all in one solution for seo. This plugin is also covers all seo task like  adding meta tags, XML site map generates, advanced canonical URLs, and many others. This plugin is best for e-commerce website. One unique feature is, it reject spam content.  My personal experience with this plugin is very good. I used this plugin for my 3-4 clients.  Which help me to rank my clients site very fast.

Google XML Maps

Yoast and all in one seo pack both these plugins are combo pack. But sometimes clients need specific one only like site map plugin. Then Google XML maps are perfect plugin. This plugin is very fast and authentic for site map creation.

HTML Sitemap for WordPress

HTML site map is actually template than plugin. As you know XML site map is useful for serch engines to know about your website. But HTML is more useful for your website visitors. This template or plugin gives you authority to customize your sitemap and add or skip as per your requirement.

SEO Friendly Images

Images are equally important as a text content of your website.  So optimizing images is also essential for better ranking. SEO friendly images plugin take care of your image optimization.  Most important feature of this plugin is it adds alt and title to all images; you can edit them if you feel not proper.

Share This

Share this is best plugin to share your content. Just creating awesome content is not enough, you need to share your content to maximum people which help to drive traffic to your site. This plugins allows you and your visitors to share content on all social platforms.

Broken Link Checker

All digital marketing experts will agree with me that broken link damage there all SEO efforts. If you checking broken links one by one then it’s very tedious job and time consuming too. Broken link checker check your website and inform you if any broken link found.

SEO Links Checker

Broken link checker help you to find out any broken link. But if you want to something more like to create automatic link and make it nofollow.  This one is very useful for ecommerce website with lots of pages.

SEO Plugin by Squirrly

Squirrly is also combo pack for SEO plugin but the main difference is this one is best for non-seo experts or beginners.  This plugin help with SEO as well as your page content.  Squirrly help you to find out your proper keyword density.

10 Killer SEO Tips to increase your page ranking

Page Rank can be defined as link analysis algorithm which search engines uses to find out the relative vitality of your site’s link within their database.
Some of the ways to calculate the Page Rank…
Various Search Engines are used to calculate Page Rank of the site using different algorithms. It can be calculated using the number of links of the site. Some of the types of links that are included are:-
• Do- Follow Links
• No-Follow Links
• Backlinks
• Inbound Links
• Internal Links
• External Links
Here are some of the Killer Tips to increase the Page Rank for your website:-

Some of the ways to calculate the Page Rank…

Various Search Engines are used to calculate Page Rank of the site using different algorithms. It can be calculated using the number of links of the site.
Some of the types of links that are included are:-
• Do- Follow Links
• No-Follow Links
• Backlinks
• Inbound Links
• Internal Links
• External Links

Here are some of the Killer Tips to increase the Page Rank for your website:-

1) Content of High Quality

Unique Quality content helps to increase the Page Rank. Content should be which the users will like to read and share with their friends. Good and relevant content have no substitute for it. Quality content helps to increase the traffic for the website which ultimately helps to increase the Site Authority and Relevance.

Keywords play the important role in the content writing. So identifying the appropriate keyword for the specific page and repeating it several times throughout the page helps to improve the content. Using Heading Tags, Bold, Italics and highlighting keyword phrases acts as the butter on the cake. But best pages are written for the users and not for the various search engines. So, keyword stuffing may cause the website to decrease its page rank. So, one must use the keywords which are useful for the site.

2) Submission of Sites

Submitting the site on various article directories and web directories is the best way to generate the quality backlinks and thus improves the page ranking of the site.

You can use some of the good Web and Article Directories like-
• Article Base
• Go Articles
• Yahoo Directory
• Ezine Articles

Updating the content at regular intervals is also necessary as it increases the site’s relevancy. So be sure that you keep it updated.

3) Guest Posting

One of the best strategy of increasing the Page Ranking is Guest Posting. Most Blogs allows to guest post on their blogs. In return you can get two or three backlinks which will help you to increase your targeted traffic.

4) Commenting On Other Blogs:

You should be very socially active in blogging community. Some Do-Follow blogs are there which helps you to generate backlinks to your site. It is possible to get visibility by just commenting their posts.

Updating the content at regular intervals is also necessary as it increases the site’s relevancy. So be sure that you keep it updated.

5) Social Bookmarking:

Sharing your site on different social sites is one of the effective method of increasing traffic towards your website. This helps in ranking your website on the search engines. You can use many of the Social Bookmarking sites such as:-

  • Facebook
  • Stumble Upon
  • Google Plus
  • Hub Pages
  • Digg

6) Website Advertising:

Advertising the banner of the website on the different social media is the task of advertising our message visually using logos, graphics, animations, photographs including the texts. Online advertisers generally take the help of the google analytics which are the tools used to decide which ads to display to which consumers. Hence, Online marketing is considered one of the best way to get good back links and attract targeted traffic.

7) Website Accessibility:

One of the way Google ranks the website is it’s accessibility. If the website is down for the longer period, it may decrease it’s Google ranking. There are many tools available in the market to check if the website is working properly.

You should have the basic knowledge of such tools that will help you to check website report on the regular intervals.

8) Use of alt tags:

It is always suggested to use the alt tags or the alternative text in the images and video with the description. It helps to locate your pages in the search engines easily which becomes somewhat crucial to especially for those who use only text.


9) Metadata

  • Title Meta Data

Title Meta Data is used to display the title at the top of the window browser.  It is the most important metadata of the page. There is also an automated system for the CMS website for creating meta title for each webpage.

  • Description Meta Data

Description Meta data is the description in the textual form that a browser uses in the page search. An appealing and concise description should be used with the aim of encouraging people to increase their interest

  • Keyword Metadata

Keyword metadata are the search phrases in the search engines which people type while finding the pages. There are variety of keywords used by different people and hence different keywords should be used to get searched ultimately increasing the page rank. However, inserting more keywords than required may lead to ignorance of the data by the browser.


10) Blog Contest

Blog contest is one of the easiest marketing formula. Running a contest like - Do social bookmarking voting, Linking to your blog or writing the review and get Google+1 votes in free which helps in better Page ranking. This also helps in branding of your blog. Hence improving the page ranking of the site.

These are some of the tips which will help you to increase the Page Ranking of the site and hence increasing the targeted traffic towards you.

6 Things you can do to improve your CTR

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate also known as CTR, is one of the most common term used in the world of Digital Marketing. Anyone who has been the master chef of marketing has to go through this word.  CTR can be considered as the calculation of how many people have clicked on your link which is shared by you. It can be in any form (emails, web pages, ads or social media). The campaign created by you is the measurement affecting your bottom line as all your work is justified as it results in the number of visitors visiting your landing page henceforth generating leads for you.

Say… even after creating the most effective content in the world, if no one clicks on it, it’s like guests without the hosts!!!!

Now, here the question arises, why the people are not clicking on the content written by you? There may be several number of reasons behind this. We will discuss some of the points that you should consider.

Use of descriptive URLs

SEO and other related activities are closely associated with long tail keyword phrase. They are always recommended as it is the first thing that viewers preview – the enthralling way to attract clicks. While putting up the blog posts and web pages, categorizing them is very important to improve CTRs.

You can confirm all your working schemas…

One should keep on analyzing the pages at regular intervals after pushing each code to verify if the schema is properly working. You can also confirm on the Google Search Console to confirm at a glance if everything is working properly. Click Search Rate can be updated so keep on checking that nothing has changed.

Analyzing the top- performing pages

All pages on the website shows different performance. Some pages keep on getting unexpected high traffic while some keep on struggling for the visitors to visit them. To know the reason why this lacking behind of pages is occurred, compare those pages against the winning pages. Those that are at the top most positions enjoying the high CTRs can be used effectively in analyzing the poor performance of the other pages.

One of the best way is to replicate the wins is ensuring by comparing the similar sets of pages - winning blog posts versus the blog posts, service pages against the other service pages and product pages and other product pages. This will help you in increasing your Click Through Rates by converting your losers into the winners.

Crafting Fascinating Titles and Meta Descriptions

Keyword is an important factor affecting the ranking of the page. But stuffing it in the content is surely of no use. Title and Meta Description is used to describe about the content and let the users know about the content helping them to know what to expect when they will hit the given link. Strategy of making the use of these more effectively is still used to improve the CTRs. 65- 70 characters are used to write the title while approximately 160 characters are used to write an effective meta description.

Inserting Images within the posts.

Pictures are the best options to increase the CTRs. Images are worth 1000s of words and hence observed to be increasing engagement across all social media channels, emails and ads. In a survey, it is observed that 90% of the marketers respond to the images as their 50% of the visual content. Users surfing on the internet has the general tendency of clicking on the image or a video despite of reading the whole content. So, including the original videos and visual images in the web pages is always a better option for the blogs and articles.

Use of Prevailing Call-to-Action

Call-To-Action (CTA) is one of the way to redirect the audience towards your website. It can be either done in the direct or an elusive way as per your marketing strategy and according to your past experience. But the intention of let users filling the form or purchasing the product remains the same. CTA is largely beneficial in account of increasing the CTRs. Clicks can be increased by 371% just by addition of one CTA.

To take your CTAs to the next level, try A/B testing to get a better idea of how your readers respond. This will help you improve your page linking, and thus, increase your CTR.

It is very difficult to state any one definition for the successful CTA. It’s like the garden for compelling CTA including various plants. To get started with, you can go through these 2 tips.

  1. Large and legible texts to draw the attention of the targeted audience.
  2. Use of urgency words like “Download today” or “Act Now” to quickly drive the reader towards the web page.

Try A/B testing to get the better idea to check how the readers will respond. It will help you to increase your page linking and henceforth increasing your CTR.

CTR is the only grail of the campaign in Digital Marketing. Improving it can improve the overall traffic and ultimately increase in the conversions.

SEO Services

5 things you NEED in content writing in 2018!

2018 is the year where digital marketing services will be more centric towards the content. We have already seen this in 2017. One of the best way to engage our audience is by feeding the best content to the clients. So, we have come up with the five things that you would not like to miss before building up the strategy for the content you would put up there.

Use of segments in Google Analytics

Analytics was the most important trend in 2017 and will persist in 2018 too. Although for few of them, it may not seem very useful source of data, but as you will start digging, you will find plenty of information to get your hands on. Segments feature in Google Analytics is one such concept to which most of the marketers are unaware. It is used for segmenting the common characteristics like content viewed, traffic source, action taken, location/geography, age group of people viewing the content with time and date, and many more.

Google Analytics

The data provided through this is the excellence combination of quality and quantity. These data are further used in making the more specific decisions while planning the next strategy for content writing.

Make sure that you definitely have the look on it and don’t miss out on this tool.

Video Marketing

Video makes it easier

Video uploads is considered as one of the best key to engage the audience. Video has the strong potential to evoke tough emotions hence increasing the chances of being shared. Hence it becomes very essential part for better SEO Ranking. Video is always better than any other type of content. In the fight for reputation, Live Videos is always at the first position. Unedited videos with live streaming are always preferred by the viewers to maintain its authenticity.

The latest trend in the market are the videos showing virtual reality (VR). It captivates the user providing the better engagement than ever. Many marketers are the still doubtful in using the VR, which is clearly one of the most powerful tools.

There are many content strategies available, but still the video content is playing the important role in today’s market.


Symbiotic relations with the influencers

There are many big influencers which have become the go-to-option for most marketers in digital marketing.  In one of such well known influencer list, there is the name of Karashians and they are the one who have impact on one’s business. It is not possible for everyone to hire such expensive influencers, but one can approach many online influencers that have niche audience meeting the needs of all shapes and size businesses.

Digital Marketing Company can use many resources available in market like Tap Influence to get access to such influencers.

Closer look at the competitor’s strategy

Deeper study of your competitor’s strategy or those who are successful enough, can help you to lead in the market. You can frame many different questions like best city bike in your area, or the best car. You can identify the areas where you can find the grow up and find out the missing areas too. Adding various parameters like lists and guide rules along with the year and appropriate title will surely help you to reach to your max. You can also consider about the google target keywords adding it up with the related keywords in the search box.


Checking it with the available tools like “Tools to Use” section is definitely the better guideline to get ranking in the SEO list.


The term TF-IDF is an abbreviation of “term frequency — inverse document frequency.” The two parts are the two separate metrics used to calculate the importance of the word on the given website. Here, TF (term frequency) defines the no of repetitions of any word in the specified document whereas IDF (inverse document frequency) defines the repetitions of the given word in the larger document. This shows us the weightage to be given to the words of high and low weightage.


You can use tools like “Web Site Auditor” which are easily available in the market.


To wrap up

In order to excel in today’s digital world and to get visibility across various industries and geographies, you should follow the top content writing trends of 2018. While developing any content, make sure to keep these points in mind and enhance the value of your content.

Local SEO

While doing SEO for any website one need to follow SEO strategies for very long time, but one thing for sure: it will gives you result but It keep changes all the time. That is also true for local SEO. Local SEO is best way to beat your competitors and coming on first rank of search engine. Local SEO is much more important now a day than ever. For the business that provides local product or services, local SEO is perfect solution to increase business.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of website optimization to improve visibilities for localized searches also improves your SERP. By doing local SEO you can ensure that your business will be seen when your prospective clients search with specific keywords.

Few points Influences Local SEO?

When things come about Local SEO, it will be easy if you split it into 2 parts:

  1. Which factors affecting map?
  2. What impacts organic rankings?

Let’s take a look at the points!

  1. Google my business:

Number one factor affecting for Local SEO is Google my business- that means your website need to properly optimize for it. Google My Business (GMB) is measured as a directory, but it’s a giant in today’s digital media and most importantly it’s free with huge exposure, so need to done your listing very carefully with all your details like name of your organization, address, landmark, timings, Map, also upload your office photo (commonly suggested that you upload at least three photos, upload as many as you can) Process of listing is very simple just add your business and then Google will do verification and send a PIN to your business’s physical address.  Enter your PIN and you done!

There are many more local listing sites so for better and quick result you can add your business on that site too. Some sites such as Merchant Circle, City search, Yelp.

  1. Meta Tags

Meta Title, Meta description and h-tags are part of HTML coding, but you can customize it. These tags normally displayed on search results which give idea about your content of your website. Properly optimizes tags act like “organic Add” of your business.

Recently Google increased the size of the main search results area. As per SEO rule 50 to 70 characters acceptable and description tags can be 300 to 320 characters. Now use new changes wisely and try to take advantage of this space, just make sure your title and description is displayed properly without any cut on search engines result. Writing title and description is art and skilful job. Use plugins for this like Yoast, all in one seo.

  1. Online reviews matter

Recommendations in mouth publicity and online reviews for your Businesses are actually acting as a same. Now everyone starts understanding importance of reviews from clients. As per latest survey nearly 85% people goes with reviews. Now days everyone interested of giving a real review. There is software available for reputation marketing, use that for tracking. But just make sure that you are properly monitoring online reviews, all reviews should be respond irrespective of positive or negative. Most important part of online reputation management.

Reviews on your social media pages (mostly Facebook) are also very effective factors as many users follow you on social media.

  1. “schema Markup”/ Structured data markup

It is purely a coding related part which gives more information to search engines. Although it’s very important but still so many organisation ignores it. Google recommend shema markup, obviously it help their crawler for better result. With schema markup you can make your local business stand out and able to beat your competitors.


How local SEO can help grow your business

Lots of users use search engines every day to find the best local businesses for product or services from their area. With the help of local SEO you can improve your local listing and able to found when your potential customer looking for your product or services.

(Local SEO gives you opportunity to come in front of your customer at right time.)

By using local SEO tactics you can promote what you have to offer to local customers. Online directories shows all your information like address, phone number will increase your conversions. Mobile internet is playing big role in today’s businesses.

Google Penalty

Online presence

In current digital world your online presence is directly affecting your business growth. When I say online presence it’s not just about website, how good is your website or how unique is your content. It’s more about your presence in Google search results. If you are not on first page it is as good as you are not present no one search on second page.  Digital marketing services give you full plan to achieve this position.

For doing this Google set some rules and algorithms which need to follow while doing SEO work on your website. But some time people break this rule knowingly or unknowingly then Google punish that site.

Online Presence

What is a Google penalty?

“In a simple way you can define Google penalty is a bad impression on your website’s rankings because of any Google algorithms updates or any review about your site. In some case Google gives you penalty because of black-hat SEO.”

 Google keeps changing or updating its ranking algorithms frequently to improve its ranking, trying to making it very genuine. Like when Google add toolbar extension which made ranking more useful. Google is doing this for improving his search results quality. Google penalty is the by-product of this process.

What is Google Penalty

Google introduce SEO to give more accurate result for users quarry not for spamming content. So when you are performing SEO of your website, you are increasing its quality which ultimately gives your website a better rank position.

There are so many tactics for doing this, like relevant and proper Meta tags, unique and informative content, clean and clear backend coding, quality and related backlinks, minimum page loading time. Its time consuming process but it come under white hat SEO. While as black hat SEO definitely comes under Google penalty.

How does Google punish?

First upon no one is safe. Even if you are a giant organisation or a small scale start up, Google will treat equally.  Penalty sometimes automatic or some time its manual too. If it’s manual you may get notice but if it related to algorithm it’s a surprise for you!

Few points to check if you penalties because of algorithm then results are like sudden drop of your site for well going keywords. In extreme cases your entire site removes from search engine. Or some pages of your sites not doing well. If you see this result then it’s pretty sure Google penalties your site.

Google penalty effect

Why Has Google Penalized website?

There are various reasons behind Google penalty. Google is continually working on website indexing. Factors for Google penalty

Why google punish

  • Black hat SEO
  • Buying backlinks
  • Duplicate content
  • Overusing H1 tags
  • Internal 404s
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Missing sitemap data
  • Broken external links
  • Scraped content
  • Hidden content
  • Slow speeds
  • Over-optimization
  • Landing pages
  • Links to suspicious sites
  • Too many outbound links
  • Error codes


How to Deal With a Google Penalty?

First stay calm and just try to find out why Google penalised you? Just by understanding the exact cause you cross the 50%path, after this try to fix the problem. But unfortunately every penalty needs different solution. But still there are certain things you can try like disavow bad link. Tell Google not to index this links.

In manual penalty if you got any notice then just ask them for reassessment. Most importantly don’t panic and wait give some time to Google for working on your request?

Things you need to avoid Google penalty

  • Stop manipulation
  • Over optimisation
  • Bad back linking

If you see sudden drop of your website ranking, or sale and you don’t understand why then take help of experts.


Backlinks in 2018

Links are a component that Search engines makes use to determine relevance, authority, and level of popularity of content. Backlink building or offpage optimization is actually vital when setting up your SEO strategy and obtaining more organic traffic most important part of digital marketing services. backlinking still imporatant.

If you wish much better search engine rankings, you require more backlinks. Your website will not rank in the leading 10 on the search engines if it doesn't have links. Backlinks are among the greatest factors in SEO these days. Links give circumstance and capability to a webpage that Search engines consider reliable. Google will surely see a page with 100,000 backlinks as more trustworthy when compared to a page with 1,000 backlinks.


Is backlinking still important???

In 2017, Backlinking was analyzed over one-million Google search results pages.

Researchers found that concentrating on acquiring high-quality links from high-quality websites is very essential. Greater the domain authority, effective will be the site. According to Search Metrics 2016 report, the backlinks had been a big aspect of Search Engine rankings. Many people questioned about backlinking still important or not. The answer is, big yes.

In 2018, 4 link-building campaign tips that will work are listed below:-

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

1.  Guest blogging

 Guest blogging is among the strategies for driving new traffic to your website. It is relevant, industry-specific and provides you the chance to brand yourself as a business expert and thought leader. Writing blogs on your own website is great. But posting on guest websites that have thousands of followers is a simple approach to pull traffic you otherwise couldn’t access.

For example, if you compose an excellent article for any publication, in return for that work you have delivered, you will get valuable backlinks. Hence the key right here is to only guest post on high-quality, high-profile websites. Never spend your time and effort guest blogging on websites without any authority. You are better off posting all on your own blog. Guest blogging is a give-and-take undertaking. You offer a wonderful content which takes effort and time, and you simply get the reward of links and traffic back to your website.

So how do you do it??? It’s actually pretty easy...

You only need to prospect for websites that permit guest posting (for backlinks).  The beauty of this approach is the fact it is easy and quick. You merely fill in a form and get evaluated for submission. Use guest blogging to your benefit. It is among the simplest methods for getting high-quality backlinks from the top-rated industry blogs. There is no simpler way than using the guest-blogging technique to obtain backlinks.

2. Mention influencers in your post

People who publish articles or blog posts do it for a very certain cause. They are fascinating and they get backlinks unlike any other. Whenever you point out a well-known influencer in your article, you receive much more backlinks. Why? Considering that the influencer that you mentioned will probably share it (if it is good) which will be accessible to many others and this will ultimately lead to much more links.


Broken Links

3. Prospect for broken links

 Prospecting for broken links is definitely an older method that continues to works. The technique has been in existence for several years, and for a good purpose. It is still effective even for 2018.The concept is pretty simple. You browse a well-known industry weblog or influencer blog, and also you check out the page for almost any possible broken links. If you discover one, you can send an email to that blogger to inform them that their post includes a broken link. With a soft pitch, you can say that" I have got content about this topic you can substitute it with” and this is how you can post your article on the websites.

4.  Use infographics for link bait

 Infographics are the most-shared bits of content material on the net. In reality, there are entire websites devoted exclusively to publish infographic content.

Why is it that people like infographics and sharing them???

 This is mainly because visual content performs best. People today do not want to go through a 6,000-word blog post to obtain the information and facts. They would like to have a look at your infographic and obtain those details within a few seconds or minutes.

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Top digital marketing companies

Why Is Digital Marketing Important in 2017-18? Online Presence

The importance of online presence

The main purpose of the online presence is getting clients and it is possible only with more visibility on search engine. This is much more difficult than you think, getting visible on the internet is like looking for food in the forest. So, if you are looking for ways to make your business more visible, and increase your business then the digital presence with best digital marketing services are what you need. The importance of digital presence not only increases your possibility to be visible but also gives you the chance to promote yourself. A digital presence with an active presence on social media does not assure to increase your business all of sudden, but it increases your chances of getting visible and noticed by clients.

Digital Presence

type of digital presence


Type of Digital Presence:

  • WEB presence
  • Social media presence
  • Search presence
  • Mobile Presence
  • Local Search Presence
  • Digital Marketing Plan / Strategies

Target Audience

So you may have a good product or services but if you do not have the audience may not be too valuable. No matter if your product has all qualities with very reasonable price compare to your competitors, but if you are not targeting the right audience, you are probably wasting your time.

Target Audience

Connect with clients

With traditional marketing tactics you can reach to people but they may or may not be interested in your product, but in online marketing you can direct connect with people who are looking for your product. Thus, the online presence gives you the opportunity to show your product or service information to the audience who is already interested.

Nothing is more important in the online world than informative and interesting content. Once you develop a reputation as a website that offers better and unique information about the subject than your competitors, people will continue to come back to your website.

This will help you build a strong relationship with your customer and better relationships will ultimately give you more business and references too. Simplest way of become a brand.

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