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Five key SEO Ranking Factors In 2018

SEO services in digital marketing are always changing and growing industry. It is one of the most important and an essential part of any digital marketing plan. As per a survey, it says that businesses invest more than $70 billion in SEO services, and that number is continuously increasing in 2018. The methods and techniques of Search Engine Optimization are updating each day.

Three major SEO factors are website optimization, link building (Off page SEO factors) and content writing.

User experience (UX):  Future Of SEO

In early days, SEO (mostly technical) was considered to be the role of developers. This is true that 'On-Page' SEO needs some technical knowledge, but it needs creativity too. Observing the current conditions, one can say that new tricks or ideas of branding are speedily changing. In the current scenario as a digital marketer, you need to know your customer and their needs, how do they interact with your website.

To higher the position of your website, devote time to understanding your customers in and out. Then, make the content that will not only help them but also engage them. If you wish to develop a long-term sustainable business, then you must depend on recurring customers. That is why relevant content that satisfies user expectations will take center stage. The way forward for Search engine optimization intensely will lie upon consumer experience and you will need to invest as much you'll be able to into it for much better outcomes.

Customer Experience

On page Seo ranking factors

Content Is King: “Content is the King”

In early days of SEO, keywords, backlinking and technical part of on-page were major points which were considered by all search engines and digital marketers. But after when Google recognized that search engines got cheated by keywords stuffing and spammy back linkings, it got updated and started focusing on content. And in future also the content of the website will definitely play a very important role in SEO. Relevant, unique, informative, engaging, customer oriented content is the basic and most demanded part of SEO.

Real-time Update:

Search engines are continuously updating. As per new update, all Search engines are using real-time inspection of all web pages. What does this mean? This means all page or content on your website are indexed every time when the search engine crawls. Everything is in real-time. This is an excellent way of clearing all poor quality content or spammy backlinks. This is very important factor in future SEO.

So if you want your website in the good rank you need to work hard on your content as well as to have quality backlinks only.

Real Time update

responsive site

Responsive site: 

Responsive website is most significant aspect in SEO 2018. Current day’s mobile is most overriding device. “A recent report says that in the US, mobile search is roughly 58 % of overall search query volume”. User get frustrated and they quit if they can’t find proper button or any information on mobile just because your website is not responsive.

Artificial Intelligence: 

AI is one of the most important factors in field of Search engine optimization. Currently Google spending much more attention on machine learning technics for organic result of all queries. In AI computer start learning independently without any human defined code or program. Artificial Intelligence is very big topic but as per as digital marketing is concerned we are more focus on machine learning which is one part of AI. Which is RANKBRAIN and because of biggest success in this field, now Rank brain is also playing vital role in Google Ranking.

artificial intelligence


If we summarised all the point it is pretty much clear that in future all search engines specifically Google is become more and more customer oriented so we need to plan SEO strategy as per UX only.

                  There are very bright days ahead for SEO

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