Digital marketing

How To Do Digital Marketing Strategy In India?

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is not just a designing or development of your business website; it is something which gives you complete plan that acts as a perfect solution by increasing visibility on search engines. We work as partners of your team and work together for your business objectives helping you to achieve final goals. Our customised solution for every business gives you 100% result. Our some of the basic features include:-

  • Organic search and Content writing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy supplement our technology and tactical services. We at ECS technologies Pvt. Ltd,  one of the best digital marketing company have a team of experts in digital marketing services. We give you one stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. But how do we do this?

Our Digital Marketing Services:

Even though there are various digital marketing strategies available for your business. But how does one know which suits the best? Let us assist you over that. Selecting an appropriate online marketing technique gives you 50% success. If one strategy worked for one business this really does not mean it works for others. There are several options, systems, and techniques to enhance your business (revenue).

Despite the fact that a couple of small business select ventures may possibly share exactly the same environment in the market, there is no need that the exact same marketing and advertising strategy is used for all of them.

Mobile-friendly Website:

What is the meaning of responsive site or mobile-friendly site? In a simple way, you can explain it that your site needs to automatically respond to the screen sizes of all mobiles, whether that’s a little smartphone or huge desktop monitor.  Now a day’s responsive website is more important than ever because of continuous growth in mobile users. Many people prefer online shopping from their mobile instead of a desktop. Also, Search engine (Especially Google) will use a site’s mobile version as it’s the primary source for the purposes of indexing the site, rather than the desktop version.

If your website does not show up well on mobile or if people can’t find the sign-up button or can’t see a proper picture of the product they want to buy, they will get frustrated and they will quit from your site. Ultimately you lose your business opportunity.

Mobile Friendly site

SEO audit

SEO audit

SEO audit of your website is an important step in making your website as effective as possible. It’s time-consuming but definitely gives you a better result. SEO audit means optimising each and every page of your site in order to increase the chances of visibility on search engines. Along with some technical work, It includes non-technical part also. 

If you want to increase your conversion rate, creating targeted landing pages is an excellent solution. Nowadays people have very less attention time span (less than 10-15 seconds) so if your landing page is perfect then only it will increase your chances to convert your target audience into your clients. What exactly landing page means? It is usually a popup, or full webpage, that appears on a brand’s site when you click final button.

Incorporate client testimonials with pictures if possible

Clients testimonials or in simple words ‘reviews’ are the greatest factors which affect positively on the visitors. They are a vital tool to attract customers not really acquainted with a business to understand what they are getting into. Detailed Reviews with photo will help you to convert more clients.

“There is undoubtedly a growing habit amongst consumers to actively seek out reviews — which happens to be encouraging for companies with a positive online reputation,”

Client Testimonial

Social Media

Social Media

With all the increasing development of social media networking, businesses are looking towards it as an approach to the advertising campaign. It enables businesses and organizations to attain an incredible number of end users on a platform they're employing on a regular basis. Businesses and organizations get to several customers on Facebook by creating web pages and offering special discounts to get fans. When there is somebody on your web page who's a fan of your page, can share the posts that are available in your newsfeeds. This enables the business to reach the fans and their friends too which ultimately help you to increase your revenue.