SEO -Monotonous Creativity

This article is all about “best result oriented SEO”, these points are result oriented and with proven records. For this article I used only those tactics or factors which are used by or followed by most successful digital marketers. These are some of most used factors which will definitely give you results in 2018-2019 also.

Even though every SEO experts agree on the point that SEO is very crucial and unending techniques, but still no one denies the importance of SEO in digital marketing. In my previous article I explained that SEO is not dead, but yes its change in many form, like old points but with new techniques.

Actually SEO is “monotonous creativity

There are few techniques which give result for some business but at the same time same techniques not showing that effect for other one.

Why this is so?

Reason behind this is selection of right techniques at right time.

This article is all about selecting suitable SEO techniques for your business. One thing is pretty much clear that SEO is not dead. SEO is still equally important. It just that few points are remains same as early and some points change as per algorithm updates.

Let’s find out best SEO techniques for 2018-2019.

  1. Very first step in digital marketing or SEO is in-depth business analysis.

It’ impossible to any one finds out solution without knowing problems. Same logic applicable here also, if you don’t know about current status of your or your clients business it’s impossible to decide proper strategy.  And without finalizing strategy you can’t implement it.

First you need to understand business, what is it? How it works? About users? What is the Scope? After analyzing everything then goes for second step of business analysis for SEO and that is keyword analysis.

In-depth analysis is includes keywords research or analysis. Even though keyword research is now more about semantic search and also Google search results are more about concept not only on the keywords, but still keyword research is most important part of SEO.

Rank brain changes the whole scenario. So, what is the rank brain? Let’s understand what it is.

Rank brain (machine learning algorithm) is Googles new ability to understand concept, when user enter some keywords in search engines. Although this technology is not 100% perfect but it’s very near to perfection.

Rank brain changes all results of search engine. SERP is more users oriented now. Well, it does not mean all your efforts for on page and off page is of no use, but, yes user experience is become a dominating factor.

Previously one of the best ways to select keywords is to find out keywords with low competition but high search, once finalizing these we used to start incorporating these keywords in to our website content. Actually with this old technique now you need to concentrate more on topic or concept than the keywords. You can start with parent topic page with selected keywords and subpages with specific topics. You will definitely get faster and much better results if you write content which is topic related rather than just stuffing keywords. Use keywords for reference and try to convert it in to in-depth information about your subject.

  1. Re-arrange your content / Content audit

Content is soul of your website

Till date most of the content is keywords oriented. So if you are also ready with your website content and not able to re-write whole content again then you can just re-optimize your content as per new concept oriented theory. You can do content audit for your website once in couple of month, will definitely help to improve your search result. Two main points need to take care while doing content audit is, first one is your content has to be user oriented more than Google oriented, and second one is its length. Article with more than 2000 words rank fast.

Other than this your article need to be interesting/informative/engaging/ user friendly/unique/with inbound and out bond links.

“Article should be topic optimizes and keyword optimize.”

For selecting proper keywords for specific topic on the basis of high searches you can use search analytics from Google search console.

  1. Links (Inbound/outbound)

Links are still beneficial for your SEO or even for branding and sales. Inbound links are those links which connects internal pages from your website.  Inbound links important to improve your PA for all pages. Inbound links are also helping Google crawlers to crawls all links and indexed your pages.

“Backlinks are act like mouth publishers”

Inbound links works well for bloggers who blogs frequently, they can include their all pages with each other. Just one thing you need to take care for inbound links is you have to do internal link audit at least once in a 4months with the help of Google search console.

More backlinks are equal to better rank and good content is equal to more backlinks. So, it’s simple to just create unique and interesting content and get more backlinks, this is also called “linkable assets”

  1. Clean and clear URl

URL most important factor of SEO, broken URL is very harmful for ranking. Google can’t rank broken URL rather can’t crawl this links. SEO friendly URL means without break, without any special characters, numbers. This URL gives you proper flow of your website pages.

  1. AMP

Now we are leading to mobile era, mobile is now dominating technology.  So for online presence and that too on mobile is must for all, no matter if you are a big brand or just a personal blogger.

“Paris Childress, CEO at Hop Online, mentioned how he is starting to see the expansion of AMP pages from mostly just article pages, to more complex pages like forms and ecommerce pages.”

If your website gives user a good mobile experience then it’s surely a plus point for you while competing with your competitors. All most all website owners are now adopting AMP for their websites.

  1. Perfect Content

Last but not the least point is content, Better UX is mandatory for growth of your business and in online business better UX is very much depends on your content. Content makes first and long lasting effect on your visitors.

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